Good Friday a day to remember Christ and his sacrifices:


Good Friday 2017 is celebrated by Christian all over the world in remembrance to the sacrifices made by the Christ. Initially Good Friday was going to be made “God’s Friday” or “Holy Friday”. It is a mourning day in UK. People go to churches which are not well lit and decorated. People perform the traditional rituals and customs. Majority of churches hold the ceremonies at 3 o’ clock, the time when Christ was died on the cross. The ceremony lasts for over three hours having different customs, play and emotional messages and speeches by pope.



Hot bun in shape of cross are specially made by women. Along with biscuits and egg baskets are taken to the churches. Although no big celebration is made on Good Friday 2017 not much concentration on meals as it is a fasting day. Having two small meals and one hearty meal having no meat. The cross shape of bun symbolism the Christ sacrifices for our sins. They are mainly consumed in breakfast hot from the oven along with hot eggs. Fish is one of the favorite and most desirable item on the table. Some people observe a full day fast to pay respect to Jesus.


Easter Holiday:


Easter is the prime event celebrated in churches. Easter holiday is one of the most awaited holiday of the year. Easter is celebrated to remember the death and rebirth of Christ. Churches are decorated with white flowers and bells ring to welcome the people. Churches host a sunrise ritual. The most famous tradition of Easter is giving away Easter eggs. Chocolate eggs are distributed among the children. The chocolate eggs are wrapped in gold or silver foil paper. Easter eggs were colored and painted. Painting of eggs is a symbolic to the new beginning this tradition have been inherited from the pagans to enjoy the holiday. Another interesting event is by rolling down the real eggs down the slope winner of the event is whose egg does not crack. This tradition has lost its popularity. Another interesting activity is by hiding the eggs in the garden for children to search and enjoy.